About Vitalis


About Vitalis

Founded in 1994 by director Jan Velema, Vitalis Biologische Zaden has grown to become one of the world's leading companies in organic seed production. We produce organically grown seeds of reliable varieties that meet the specific demands of both consumers and organic farmers. For this objective, we breed and select an increasing number of varieties in trials, all over Europe. In 1998, Vitalis joined the Enza Zaden Group, operating as an independent company within the group. This enabled us to extend our assortment with Enza Zaden's top varieties.By trialling these varieties, we ascertain which of them are suitable for organic cultivation and only those that meet our strict criteria will be added to our yet extensive range of organic seeds. Therefore, we can provide quality seed to every professional organic grower.

The commercialisation and distribution of our organic seeds takes place via Enza Zaden's worldwide network. You will find the addresses concerned in the menu under " Contact "

A different look at seeds

Thousands of years ago, men started to collect seeds in order to resow them at a later stage. Agriculture was born. By doing so, the hunter-gatherer did not only gradually evaluate to a farmer, but he also became a breeder. In the millennia that followed, countless farmers have grown and selected cultivated plants. Still today these plants are being improved, and we will continue to do so in the future to pass them on to our children as a cultural heritage. From this point of view, seed is much more than just the basic material for food production; it is also of great cultural value to mankind. Therefore, Vitalis promotes sustainable breeding methods and rejects any form of genetic modification in plants.