2nd Edition 360º Organic Experience

25th April 2019 – Almería (Spain)


Committed to a 100% organic traceability

After the good reception of the 1st edition of Organic Experience 360º which took place last year, Vitalis and CAAE took the chance of going for a second edition, creating a professional space where every player of the agro-food industry could discuss about new challenges and where ‘ORGANIC’ can be centric.

More than 150 professionals assisted, sharing different experiences and knowledge and, at the same time, taking advantage of the powerful networking among one another to strengthen up commercial relations among the sector.

Learning from experiences and knowledge

This second edition started with the official opening on behalf of Trinidad Cabeo, PITA’s general director, who welcomed the participants and pinpointed the strengths of the entire sector, cheering up collaboration on the way of success. Later on, Aránzazu Martín Moya (regional deputy of Agriculture, fishery and sustainable development of Junta de Andalucía), Álvaro Barrera (Ecovalia President), Jose Angel Navarro(DELEGADO CAAE Almería), and Myriam López (Organic Sales Manager Vitalis) had the chance to thank the assistants for their participation but also for the interested shown, making this kind of professional spaces possible once more.

The first block of the speeches of the day were about market data, research and social responsibility within the sector: speakers like Dr. Behr, from the international consultancy AMI, Dr. Manuel Díaz, from the University of Almería and Felipe Fuentelsaz, as coordinator of agricultural project in WWF, offered all the participants relevant information about updated data regarding the EU so as the latest advances in the research and projects that involve all the chain.

After the coffee break, the second part of the day was dedicated to know the different experiences of the divers players of the chain. Company like Naturally Organic, belonging to G’s Group, and Haciendas Bio, with its huge commitment to biodynamic agriculture, shared their vision, strategy and development throughout the organic market.

Carrefour did not want to miss the chance to participate and remark their commitment for sustainability and good, healthy diet for all their customers. Also, this edition counted with the presence off GranBiBio who insisted on the differentiation and the added value that a specialized shop can offer to customers, where commitment is shown not only through products but also

A reference among professionals

After the time for questions where participants actively participated together with the speakers, Sabores de Almería closed the day pinpointing the importance of reinforcing our local products positioning, where organic products have, day by day, more and more importance. Also they highlighted the need to get together and join efforts to be more competitive.

After such a rich day, all the participants could enjoy a networking lunch where all the food was elaborated with organic products, enjoying first hand the flavor of commitment for sustainability.

April 23rd, 2020, countdown for the third edition of Organic Experience 360º has already started, are you ready?


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