Erica Renaud on Vitalis - 25 years of experience


Erica Renaud on Vitalis - 25 years of experience

Erica Renaud - Region Business Manager, Vitalis North America Marketing & Sales

Experienced Erica

Vitalis has done a lot of profound work for the organic seed sector. We will continue to help keep the organic spirit alive today. My team and I stand firm to make sure the demands of our growers are translated into the development of our crop models.

My professional career in organics started more than 30 years ago. I am dedicated to organics. I truly stand behind the conviction that together, we can create an organic world. For the last 20 years, I have been working in the organic seed sector. I started with Vitalis 12 years ago.

Organic seed from Europe to North America

Our founder Jan Velema asked me if I was up for the task of bringing Vitalis from Europe to North America. It was a unique proposition. I was ready for a new challenge, so I said yes. In the beginning, I did everything that needs to be done concerning infrastructure and market analysis when you build a new business. I also trained our sales reps in organic and gave them the right tools to support and promote organic seeds to customers. After a while, the organic market rewarded our efforts.

High-quality professional organic seed

Today for many people in North America the Vitalis brand is synonymous with organics. It sets itself apart as a purveyor of high-quality professional organic seed.

As a team, we at Vitalis continue to provide support functions to the broader Enza Zaden team by

  • performing organic variety trials,
  • overseeing organic seed supply and forecasts and
  • being the in-house experts in the organic regulatory and breeding environment.

We feel our primary role is to have a strong link to our sales and breeding colleagues. This way, we can discuss the traits needed to meet organic growers’ agronomic requirements and general organic market demands.

An experienced pioneer in the organic seed sector

The fact that we celebrate 25 years of Vitalis is amazing. We have invested many resources and made significant investments in defining what organic seed is for a professional grower. It is quite a complex task. No other company in the seed sector has done this level of profound work. I very often get the feedback that we are a pioneer. Vitalis has a niche in the market and has been able to penetrate large-scale professional organic agriculture with professional and high-quality seed. We contribute to environmental sustainability by developing, producing and selling certified organic seed. This contributed to more vegetable production grown with organic seed. Even after 25 years, our commitment and vision are still strong.

In-depth knowledge and focus on expansion

More recently, you can see that other companies have started with organic seed production. Because of our 25 years of experience, we have more in-depth knowledge of the parameters for organic breeding, seed production, treatments and logistics than others.  We are the most advanced in a breadth of topics related to organic seed, due to the hard work, dedication and focus of the whole Vitalis team. We focus on the right crop model for organic agriculture. We continuously work on the expansion of organic seed production to meet the increasing demand for quality genetics."