Vitalis - 25 years of experience


For the production of high quality organic seed, trust and reliability are key. I have a close relation with our producers and contribute to meet the increasing demand for organic seed in the right quality and quantity.    

25 years ago, Vitalis was pioneering in the organic seed market. Our founder Jan Velema believed in the potential and need for organic seed for professional growers and this belief is something I have shared with him ever since. Our commitment and conviction made us all work hard on our organic seed programme and the effort paid off. With more than 400 certified organic varieties, we are the leading supplier of organic seed and offer a lot of diversity.

I’m very happy to see that organic is no longer a niche. For me, the organic way means that we take our responsibility for the environment seriously. It is essential for our future to work in a sustainable way and leave the soil healthy for future generations. I think we have already achieved a lot over the past two and a half decades and to see the growing importance of what we are doing makes me proud.

In my role as production manager, I believe that trust is vital for a successful organic seed production. We cannot see what is inside the seed so the complete process only works if we have a relationship characterized by trust and reliability with our producers. I travel several weeks a year to go and see them and maintain our relationship. Working together in the crop and talking to our producers to see how it is going and where we can support to improve is one of the best parts of my job. Next to that, we do not only generate jobs, but also create a healthy working environment and contribute to the financial security of many families. The appreciation I very often receive in return for my visits and our successful cooperation is priceless.